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Advance Your Mission: GEON E61 by ArroTechTM

GEON E61 is a purpose-built drone tailored to meet the unique demands of UXO detection, mapping and removal. We are dedicated to forming collaborative relationships with our customers to ensure synergy between your mission requirements and our drone’s capabilities.

Revolutionary UXO Detection System and Technology

Key Features of the GEON E61

Time-domain metal detector

The GEON E61 is the only autonomous drone that incorporates a custom time-domain metal detector, fully compatible with the EM-61 MK2 which is the standard tool for UXO and mine detection.

Terrain following

Keeping the exact sensor distance over ground is crucial. The GEON E61 is capable of precisely following real world terrain at distances as close to 20cm, and is able to avoid obstacles in its flight path.

Speed and precision

By using our GEON E61 drone, survey times are cut down to a fraction of traditional survey methods currently being used for UXO and mine detection, while improving accuracy, safety and cost effectiveness.

Global Opportunities for UXO & Mine Detection

Currently, 30 percent of Ukraine’s crops are affected by unexploded ordnance. Ukraine wheat fields play a vital role in the global food supply, providing over 40 percent of the World Food Program’s wheat. It is estimated to take over 9 years to remove UXO in the area.

Egypt leads the world with approximately 23 million UXO’s and is the fifth country with the most antipersonnel landmines per square mile. The UXO hinder the economic development of surrounding areas in the north region and the Red Sea.

One of the most heavily mined countries in the world with over 10 million landmines reported and over 1,200 minefields as a result of 4 decades of conflict. These UXO prevent further development and increase the threat of fatalities and disabilities for locals.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait account for more than 40 million UXO. Children casualties in Iraq have increased an alarming 67% due to daily UXO exposure in their neighborhoods while out doing chores or playing.

In Vietnam, at present, all provinces and cities are contaminated with UXO and landmines. Vietnam and Cambodia are estimated to have over ten million UXO and landmines combined leaving Cambodia with one of the highest rates of amputees in the world.

Landmines and unexploded ordnance in Bosnia stem directly from the 1992 war. The UXO are scattered across 28,699 locations threatening residential areas. It is estimated to take another 5 years to clear the remaining landmines.

Middle East
Cambodia and Vietnam
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Challenge in Ukraine and the World

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy for most mine and UXO affected regions. They are deployed in fields and around water sources, making these unusable. Areas could increase their agricultural production if land was free of UXO and mines.

Mine and UXO contamination in Ukraine poses a significant risk to delivering humanitarian aid and agricultural efforts. Agricultural land is not a top priority for demining initiatives, impeding many farming activities only adding to the global food supply crisis.

It is estimated that there are currently 100 million unexploded ordnance and landmines in the world. Eastern Ukraine is now one of the most mine-contaminated places on earth. These mines and UXO threaten the lives of over 220,000 children who live, play, and go to school in these polluted areas.

With GEON E61

  • Operators use a one-of-a-kind non-invasive system for detection
  • Faster detection method via drone system covering one acre in less than an hour
  • Reduces exposure to deadly UXO using unmanned autonomous vehicle
  • Increases accuracy with proprietary software to pinpoint all metal objects

Without GEON E61

  • Traditional handheld metal detectors force deminers to walk fields increasing exposure
  • Manual operations with people and handheld devices add time to an already critical mission
  • Efforts will continue to take decades before seeing relief
  • Residents in contaminated areas will remain at risk of death or disability.

The ArroTech Advantage

Integrates fully the EM61-MK2 military grade metal detector into the drone system

Flies terrain with centimeter precision using onboard LIDAR, SONAR, and RADAR sensors at altitudes as low as 20cm

Time domain metal detection (including non-ferromagnetic)

Exact RTK GPS pinpoint location of targets within centimeters

Easy to use Mission Planning Software for tablets and smartphones

Autonomous return and resume for battery changes (capable of mapping 10,000 square feet in 20 minutes)

Obstacle avoidance and non-geometric area mapping

Live data transmission to ground control station

Data fully compatibility with Geonics (DAT61MK2) and other geophysical software

Unique design to control electromagnetic noise with increased visibility of targets

Clearing the Path for a Safer and UXO-free World

How to Get Involved

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