Geospatial Explosive Ordnance Notification
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Advance Your Mission: GEON E61 by ArroTechTM

GEON E61 is a purpose-built drone tailored to meet the unique demands of UXO detection, mapping and removal. We are dedicated to forming collaborative relationships with our customers to ensure synergy between your mission requirements and our drone’s capabilities.

Our vision

At ArroTech, our vision is to be recognized as the global leader in the altruistic application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems.

As the leader, we will take UAVs to the next level and enable a future where these vehicles perform a wide variety of humanitarian and post-conflict applications. Our innovative technologies will create a safer, more sustainable and equitable world.

Technology that saves lives

The GEON E61 is the world’s first fully autonomous drone optimized for military, humanitarian, and commercial demining organizations. Currently, these organizations detect metallic land mines and UXO using metal detectors that are hand-held and rolling cart-based. Although effective, this method is dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive.

Using the GEON E61, the GPS coordinates of metallic objects can be more safely provided to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel in a fraction of the time and cost. Flight plans are easily configured with user-friendly smartphone and tablet apps while patent-pending autonomous landing and recharging technology enable missions that last days, weeks, or longer – all without a pilot or observer.

GEON E61 – Advanced UXO Detection System

Time-domain metal detector

The GEON E61 is the only autonomous drone that incorporates a custom time-domain metal detector, fully compatible with the EM-61 MK2 which is the premier tool for UXO and mine detection.

Terrain following

Keeping the exact sensor distance over ground is crucial. The GEON E61 is capable of precisely following real world terrain at distances as low as 20cm, and is able to avoid obstacles in its flight path.

Speed and precision

The GEON E61 surveys 10,000 ft² in only 20 minutes, a fraction of what it takes current methods for UXO and mine detection, while improving accuracy, safety, and cost effectiveness.