ArroTech’s vision is to take Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to the next level. We’re enabling a future where fully autonomous UAVs perform a wide variety of commercial and military applications limited only by the capabilities of their onboard mission packages. 

Our first autonomous drone, the AT1061, features a mission package optimized for the detection of metallic land mines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). Additional mission packages are being developed to address a variety of commercial and military applications that require autonomous transport of payloads including packages, sensors, cameras, wireless communications equipment, and chemical sprayers for agriculture and mosquito control.


ArroTech Corporation was formed in 2019 and is headquartered in Panama City Beach, Florida. Our team consists of individuals with extensive hands-on technical expertise. Some of our team members have more than 15 years’ experience developing drone hardware and software while others have more than 40 years’ experience designing analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and wireless communication systems.


The AT1061 is the world’s first fully autonomous drone optimized for military, humanitarian, and commercial demining organizations. Currently, these organizations detect metallic land mines and UXO using metal detectors that are hand-held and rolling cart-based. Although effective, this method is dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Using the AT1061, the GPS coordinates of metallic objects can be more safely provided to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel in a fraction of the time and cost. Flight plans are easily configured with user-friendly smartphone and tablet apps while patent-pending autonomous landing and recharging technology enable missions that last days, weeks, or longer – all without a pilot or observer.


Starting in November 2020, ArroTech’s factory-trained technicians will be available to demining organizations for demos and field surveys.

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